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Preserve and expand the supply of low income and moderate housing

  • Improve the quality and availability of decent, safe & affordable housing options through rehabilitation, new construction, tax exemption, and expanded opportunities for homeownership.


Community-centered Public Safety

  • Leverage city resources, beyond the scope of law enforcement, to design community centered interventions to reduce harm and address the root cause of systemic inequities which often lead to crime.


Equitable Transportation

  • Demand improvements to roadways, pedestrian pathways, traffics signals, sidewalks, sheltered bus stops, drainage and affordable transit prices. 


Climate Justice

  • Ensure that all people have access to pure air, clean water, and environment that enriches life. City climate policy can and should seek to achieve environmental justice, health equity, and climate justice for all communities.


Community-driven Health Initiatives

  • Hire community health workers and invest in community health centers in order to expand services and access to all working families.



  • Ensure that the City works with local ISDs to enhance current programs that offer homework assistance/tutoring for problem learning areas. Expand funding for early childhood education

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